What You Get from a Life Transition Coach

Woman feeling happinessWondering If Working with a Coach Has Any Value?

One of the questions I get asked most often is what to expect from working with a coach.

Coaching is a powerful process of communication and problem solving between you and your coach, so the entire process is focused entirely on your interests, challenges, and goals.

I can’t speak for any other coach, but when you work with me you get a coach who will…

  • Strategize with you and support you to pursue what you say you want
  • Voice what nobody else has the nerve to say to you
  • Call you on your BS
  • Be a consistent and gentle reminder of your dreams and why you’re working toward them
  • Hold you to your vision and goals rather than reinforce the same old story that you’re just not good enough… you don’t deserve it… you need to wait until… and…
  • Show you that you have the power within yourself to grow and change in any way you choose

As your coach, I will light the way for you ― much like a pathfinder ― through troubled waters and all along the way when you’re ready and willing.

You will be encouraged to be yourself, to expand beyond what you believe are your limitations and blossom into a stronger, more alive and fulfilled woman.

Should we decide to work together, as you and I set our focus on you and results, success will be the outcome. It lies within you and emerges from the inside out.

Synergy ― that magical energy that flows when two or more people are working together with a goal in mind ― is the power and reason significant results happen.

Now, ask yourself this…

…Are you willing to stop allowing the reasons and circumstances to control you? Are you willing to invest in yourself ― to stop your resistance and open a new, more joyful chapter of your life?

Imagine how good it would feel to heal… to move forward… to see new possibilities?

Choosing to invest in yourself has an incredibly positive ripple effect that flows from you out to all your relationships.

No matter who you are, where you are, what your circumstances are today, don’t let doubts, fear or anxiety stop you. You are ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT, dear lady… come FIND YOUR BLISS!