Better days are ahead

What if you could find peace in your life?

Would you be willing to try?

When a storm comes and knocks you off your feet, you CAN get back up with more courage and tenacity than you might imagine.

Finding healing and peace after a loss is a journey. You WILL stumble along the way. You’ll know good moments and bad ones. Yet, you must trust that you can do it, even when you have no idea how or how long it will take.

The journey won’t be easy. Still, you have EVERYTHING to GAIN in trying. And you have EVERYTHING to LOSE if you don’t try.

Ask for support

Most of us are reluctant to talk with others about our innermost feelings. And asking for support or help can be one of the hardest things to do. Maybe it makes you feel needy or weak — but if you don’t ask, your needs don’t get met.

You may resist asking for help because you fear being vulnerable. So, you don’t ask. And what happens? You stay stuck and your suffering only gets bigger.

You need to be smart about asking for help. Make sure you have a good feeling about the person you connect with — someone you can relate to.

You are not alone or isolated

The Second Act Mastery community is a safe, private, online community where you’ll find SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT, INSPIRATION and HOPE — a place where you can connect with others who are struggling as you are.

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How can I help?

My role is to (figuratively) walk alongside you as you journey through the grieving process, listen and allow you space to heal. I encourage you to…

  • DO it for yourself.
  • DO it for those you love and for those who love you.
  • DO it because you want and deserve a life filled with hope… with love… with purpose… and with joy.

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With friendship and love…

Founder, Second Act Mastery
(435) 677-7739

The Power of Community

Those of us in mid-life and beyond often feel invisible and alone. I believe the way to combat these feelings is through the collective power of others who want to be seen, heard, and valued.

We have a place waiting for you in the Second Act Mastery community.

We’re building a safe, private online community where you can freely connect with others, share your story, thoughts and emotions without being judged by anyone.

Support, encouragement, inspiration and hope is its purpose.

Kindness and compassion always matter, but never more than when you’re going through challenging times. Reaching out for support can make a difference to your life in ways you can’t possibly foresee or imagine.