Embrace the Future

There are those who live life clinging to their past troubles and misery as if it’s all they have. It’s like having an anchor that’s holding them down.

Carrying sadness, heartbreak, unforgiveness or anger from your past is not only a heavy burden, it only attracts more of the same.

The way to change this is to make a conscious choice to change.

By simply choosing to cut that anchor line, it will free them to discover that life is a wondrous place full of pleasure and optimism.

If not checked, the power of negative emotions like sadness, heartbreak, pain, unforgiveness and anger, to name a few, will completely destroy any chances of living a peaceful, gratifying life.

It may sound simplistic to say just make a choice… yet making it will flip your perspective entirely.

So many people I know, myself included, have done this and the outcomes are almost magical.

After my husband died, I was naturally in a terrible state of grief. There were days when I barely breathed. The overwhelming sorrow caused by my loss was nearly too much to bear.

For months and months I dragged myself through the days, immersed in misery …

… until one fateful morning when things began to change. I started looking for a way out of the mourner’s prison I was in.

After the first few sessions with my coaches, I knew I could manage my grief and turn toward a life filled with new possibilites, love and light.

And almost as quickly as this realization hit me, that little voice in my head was saying …“Oh no! You can’t be happy after Bobby’s death. You need to stay miserable in order to honor him.”

Still, I hated the hopeless that overshadowed everything.

I also knew my husband would be displeased if I were to wallow in sorrow for very long. So, I chose to work on positiveness to heal and rebuild myself.

And by the way… choosing to be joyful doesn’t mean you will ever ‘get over’ the loss of someone you love, whether it be through death, divorce or something else. It simply means you will heal and rebuild yourself around your loss.

Letting go of your negative thoughts and emotions is essential if you are to be whole again.

If you’ve been hurt by someone, forgive them. If someone you love has left this earth, let them go. If you’re angry about something, turn the page.

Make a conscious agreement with yourself to redirect your negative thoughts and feelings into something positive.

Simply cutting the anchor of negativity is the first step toward leaving your painful past behind and embracing the future.

Much love…