In Your Darkest Moments,
Seeking Help to Share Your Struggles

Can Change Your Life

Grief is a natural response to loss. It is the death of something… marriage… broken relationship… death of a loved one… the loss of something important to you. Denying your feelings of grief and loss won’t help you bypass them. You need to find acceptance and meaning for your loss. Seeking help when you’re grieving can be amazingly comforting. Having someone to listen and gently walk with you through your grief and allow you space to recover can help you turn the page to find hope and purpose again.

Grief and Loss
I’d love to talk with you…

Individual Coaching

You and I will work together privately for as long as you need to encourage and support you through the grief you’re facing so you can begin to heal, find acceptance and restore your wounded or broken spirit.

Group Coaching

Grief is unique to every individual. Sharing its commonalities with others in grief can help alleviate feeling of  being all alone. The collective energy of a group is a powerful way to connect, find support and be supportive of others.

Live Workshops

Live workshops are designed to achieve a specific purpose or goal. Are you interested in a particular topic? Email your suggestions to me, and if there is broad enough interest, I’ll do my best to make that workshop happen.

hello! I’m kerri…

It’s my desire to make a real and tangible difference in the lives of those who are grieving… to help you step from the darkness into the light… 

The focus of my practice is grief support and healing. I’m a practitioner, certified coach and founder of SecondActMastery.com. I’ve personally faced a divorce, a breakup and the sudden death of my husband. Those experiences inspired me to help others through their grieving process so they can move forward, turn the page and open a new chapter of life filled with hope, light and love — without guilt, regret or sadness.

Coping with Grief and Loss

You Can Heal and
Even Thrive After a Loss

Grief causes a wide and unique range of feelings and emotions, mental reactions, physical effects, spiritual struggles and behavioral or social difficulties.

Grief can feel overwhelming… unending… like you can’t breathe. Nothing could have prepared you for this. You’re sad for good reason… you feel lost and alone… your tears don’t seem to stop.

Grief has no timeline.

Just know that you’re not alone. The heaviness will begin to lift one day and you will begin to feel hopeful again.

Seeking help can be amazingly healing.

With gentle, nurturing support, you will begin to lighten and you’ll see how life can become rich, joyous and purposeful.

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls your life.”

Individual Sessions

You and I will work one-to-one in a series of private sessions where the focus is entirely on your needs, emotions and options. You will be encouraed to talk about your feelings without fear of embarrassment or judgement. You will be given the space you need to grieve and recover.

Group Series

Becoming part of a group means you are part of a collection of others who are grieving. Groups combine the intimacy and benefits of individual sessions plus the collective energy and resources of the group. You connect and interact with others to give and receive support.

Getting Started is Safe


Free Phone Conversation

Schedule a complimentary call with me — with no obligation or strings attached.

You need not fear feeling vulnerable, embarrassed or ashamed — my role is to walk with you on your journey and allow you space to recover.

Coaching Options

If you’re ready to begin recovery  and regain conrol of your life, go ahead… book an appointment today.

My calendar is online, so all you need to do is click the button below, choose the date and time you want… and you’re done.

1st Session!

Congratulations… you’re starting your journey from grief and isolation to recovery and a new normal.

You will be given space to openly express your feelings, shed tears and step forward from the darkness into the light.

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Grief has no time limits. When you’re ready to focus on recovery and moving forward from your loss, beginning with our first session, you and I will open a series of powerful conversations.

From there, I’ll gently walk with you every step of the way as you take small steps and actions that lead you through your grief. Our conversations will enable you to find acceptance of your loss, move forward from this painful chapter to a new one, without guilt or leaving anything good behind.

My role as a grief practitioner is to offer you support and guidance, to cheer you on, to help you see things in a new light, to find your new normal. With commitment and focus, you will begin to see that it’s possible to move forward and live a joyful, purposeful life.

You’ll find your light… your magic… your mojo!

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect from a grief and loss practitioner?

A grief and loss practitioner serves to actively listen to you, allow you to set your own agenda, offer you support and guidance, help you see things in a new light and to cheer you on as you recover.

 How can a grief and loss practioner help me?

For you to break through the pain you’re living right now, I believe one-on-one guidance and accountability is imperative. You will set the agenda for your sessions, have complete freedom to talk openly about your struggles, learn how to move beyond them and step into the light where healing happens.

Is a grief and loss practitioner the same as a therapist?

No. Although your past is part of your story, we don’t spend a lot of time there. Coaching deals primarily with the present moment. We discuss what you want to accomplish to move forward, then together, create a concrete plan to get you there. Practitioners and therapists each have their place and are powerful tools when used properly.

How will we meet for individual or group sessions?

For your comfort and convenience, individual coaching sessions are done by phone. Group sessions meet via Zoom, a popular online video conferencing service.

How often will we meet?

It varies depending on the service you choose. Individual sessions offer more days and times to suit your schedule. Group sessions meet at a designated time each week, usually on a weekday evening.

Over what period of time will we meet?

Recovering from any significant change or loss takes time. No two people recover in the same way, so you have various options from which to choose. Sessions offered are…

  • Individual sessions
  • Group series

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