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“We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.”
– S. Kelley Harrell

Heal Your Heart”
Group Support


This group is for anyone who has experienced a loss, no matter what the cause. It offers a safe, nurturing environment where you can begin your journey into healing and recovery.

You will interact with others in a small group who have experienced a loss and want to find a path forward. You’ll learn effective and lasting steps you can take to heal your heart.

For questions or to get additonal information, schedule a complimentary call with me. It won’t take much time and there’s no obligation.

Core Values

These are the things I do my best to align with in everything I say and do. They are guideposts for the way I live and operate in my personal and business life.


Decisions are based on ethics and the best interest of the client


Being truthful with myself and others

No judgment

Never make others feel defensive

FOCUSED Listening

Focus entirely on the client’s concerns

Open Approach

Allow clients to set their own agendas


Clients are given top priority when scheduling


Manage my practice as a business and behave accordingly


Hold myself to a high standard and being accountable for my decisions, actions and outcomes


Keep all conversations and client information private, unless they provide written authorization to the contrary


Work to benefit individuals and animals in need and the community


Hold my clients accountable to themselves


Demonstrate respect for myself and others in all that I say and do


Use humor when appropriate, and have the ability to laugh at myself


Always expect the very best from myself and others, never demand perfection from anyone

Positive Reinforcement

Acknowledge and appreciate others’ efforts, avoid negativity, and celebrate victories and successes along the way


Value and respect the differences and contributions of others

Lifelong learning

Always learn from my mistakes; continually upgrade my skills and knowledge


Generosity of human, physical, and/or financial resources within my community