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Mastery of life is learning and understanding a few simple steps for resolving problem areas, overcoming difficult situations, and living a joyous, purposeful life.

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This is a safe, private place where you can freely share your thoughts and emotions without being judged by anyone.

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Support is not about FIXING you – you are NOT broken. It’s giving you a safe place to land during difficult days.


Understanding can be deeply comforting, especially after you’ve experienced a profound change in your life.


Encouragment from a friend gives you hope, boosts confidence and helps you feel positive about your future.


Resiliency is your ability to adjust and recover from any major life change. It gives you the power within to heal.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
– Vivian Greene

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About Me

I’m a regular person, widow, mother and entrepreneur.

In my leisure time, I poke around local shops for vintage furniture and collectibles, update my home, and putter in my garden. I’m a Utah transplant living with my 4‑legged companion, Lulu.

I founded this community, following the death of my husband and best friend, to bring together and support others who are going through difficult times and want to start feeling better.

The Importance of Resilience

Resilience, by definition is the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulites.

In my personal experience I’ve come to understand that resilience is more about being adaptable — it’s not so much about being strong and hardy. It’s more about nonresistent, being accepting and taking the path of least resistence.

I’ve found acceptance to be the more forgiving path. So, when faced with life’s storms, ask yourself if you want to be strong and sturdy or nonresistent and accepting?


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Gain awareness for healing, and a set of skills for a happy life

Life is meant to flow freely and for you to feel good about yourself. This is the natural state where you are happy, alive and highly effective — it’s the essence of who you are. As you bring this forth, you create a life that exceeds your dreams.

When any area of your life isn’t working, fear and anxiety overwhelm you, which destroys your freedom and happiness. This negativity destroys your ability to find clarity and causes destructive behavior.

When you resolve this condition, you restore the essence of who you are. Problem areas clear up and you begin living a joyous life. This is the purpose of Second Act Mastery.

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